WorlDynamics Pty Ltd, an organization devoted to make the world a better place while operating according to the highest ethical standards, started World in Arts to facilitate knowledge sharing through the use of graphics. The initiative was possible thanks to a series of partnerships with accomplished Artists, who bring to the table precious technical skills and pictographic competence. The partners complement each other in many ways:

  • WorlDynamics knowledge and experience translates into an ability to create suitable screenplays to convey even the most complex stories to any audience.

  • Our Artists guarantee high quality graphic design and video editing. Solid experience in marketing assignments for some of the biggest brands assure the proper knowledge to accurately mix words and images in successful manners.

At World in Arts we can conceptualize pretty much anything!!! Our clients can be grouped into five main categories:


Universities and Research Centres can benefit from WorldDynamics Pty Ltd being an important link between research and practice. An ability to service industry with research-based knowledge in formats easy to understand and practical to use is in fact crucial for the relevance and survival of research institutes.


Nonprofit, NGO, and Charities face a continuous struggle in seeking the necessary funding to maintain operations. World in Arts can help in creating engaging visual appeals that create a link between potential donors and a cause. The use of drawing techniques allows to depart from explicit images, which represent reality but can also produce personal distress in the audience and eventually backfire.


Public sector related entities (such as government departments, municipalities, consortia, but also political parties) can take advantage of World in Arts approach to more succesfully convey worthy messages to citizens. Territorial development plans, political agendas, and strategic plans - just to name a few - are examples of often lengthy and obscure documents that not many people read or understand. Yet the messages are produced for the general population, hence they should be formatted for such an audience.


Organizations and companies can avail of our services with regard to instilling change in organizational culture, but also training of personnel, boosting corporate identity (mission, vision, strategies), and the promotion of specific projects, services or products.


Individuals who have important ideas to express can use our services to make themselves better known. Communicating messages in entertaining and simple forms appeal to a wider audience.

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Many studies have confirmed the benefits of visually conveying a message. Advantages of using an animation as opposed to traditional approaches include: access to a greater audience, easier distribution, higher information retention, better efficiency, more entertaining, etc.

Results from research are strongly substantiated by practice, as the Web is quickly filling up with animations that examine the most diverse of topics. However, the costs of developing high-quality animated cartoons are usually significant and can only be afforded by large organizations. As a result just a few expensive masterworks viewed by thousands are noteworthy, while the vast majority of what circulates on the Internet are low quality and unproductive animations.

I was very, very pleased with the pilot video! I think it can help raise funding for more...several of our key stakeholders loved it, so we will produce at least another four [Professor Per Davidsson, Director of the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research]


While a few companies offer graphic solutions of video scribing, we are confident that no one else provides a comparable service to ours. We work closely with our clients throughout the development process for a final output that is superior with regard to:

  • Quality of drawings
  • Elaborating creative artwork that is in perfect harmony with the message being told
  • The enthusiasm of marketing experts, who can suggest the most effective use of keywords in a visual format
  • The support of academic and professional writers to summarize often long and complex texts, while extrapolating key messages and presenting the full story in a smooth format
  • Affordable prices

The animated presentation of our new service was received very favourably. Our clients loved it and enjoyed learning about the various applications of Prophit in a simple yet comprehensive instructional video [Isabella Gabbiani, Managing Director at CyBrain]

While we have a starting price to cover our basic operational costs, we base our profit margin on how much we believe in YOU and YOUR project. In other words, we want the client to sell us his idea and if we believe it has the potential of making a positive difference in the world, then we will reduce the price.

A second important consideration is the type of engagement required. Some clients commit to a series of animations to be developed over several years, while others appoint us only for a single project.

We consider each and every one of your projects as a unique work of art. We will discuss with you costs and project complexity to find together a balance that can assure high quality standards and a result you will feel proud of.

The services section explains our typical engagement according to broad categories of clients, but it is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all possible scenarios.


Drop us an email at info@worldinarts.com with a brief description of WHO you are and WHAT you are after. We will then contact you to discuss things in greater details and give you the possibility of asking for any clarification you might need.

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